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Steelcore was founded to solve a fundamental problem...
We wanted to be able to safely and "softly", lock our valuables!
So we received a patent and created our first straps to secure surfboards onto our roof racks and prevent that feeling of coming out of a store and "not seeing" your board ontop of our car!

Since then, our patented, adjustable locking straps, have been used to protect all kinds of assets like;
Surfboards, SPAs, Kayaks, Bicycles, Motorcycles, Motorcycle saddle bags, Safes, Furniture, Jet Skis, Quads, UTV's, Off-roading accessories, Ladders, Pipe Machines, Tools, Snowboards, Skis, ATM Machines, Cargo, Suitcases, Auto Rack Accessories and so much more.

What makes our Locking Sercurity Straps Sstrong?
We start an industrial Stitched Mil Spec Webbing carefully sewn around a very strong, Stranded Flexible Carbon Steel Cable. Then ad a Adnjustable Locking Buckle made from Aricraft Grade heat treated alloy to bring you a paint and spa cover safe, one-of-a-kind, complete tie down and security system.

Steelcore adjustable Locking Security Straps can be more difficult to cut through than Chains! The webbing prevents cutting with Bolt Cutters and the Carbon Steel Cable stops scissors and knives, dead in their tracks!

Mix all these great features with a Patented, Adjustable locking Buckle and you have the safest and securest, soft strap security system available!

Thanks for your support and we look forward to servicing all of your Security Strap needs.