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Ladder Security Strap 3'
Ladder Security Strap 3'

Ladder Security Strap 3'

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The Steelcore lockable Ladder security straps attach to the vehicle rack allowing the user to easily access, store and secure ladders or other tools.  The straps remain on the rack so you can get in and out of the work site quickly, without the hassle of ropes and bungee cords. 

Lock the Steelcore ladder straps when you are not using your ladder or tools, giving peace of mind when you are away from your vehicle.



Our 3 foot long Locking Security Ladder strap is the perfect solution for securing your ladders and tools to lumber racks....

Uses include:

* Ladders

* Landscape equip.

* Copper Pipe

* Lumber

* Shovels

* Cement Mixers

* Tool Boxes

* And on and on........