About Plastic Locking Buckles

About the plastic locking buckles that came with your spa…

Drowning Prevention

Do not rely on plastic buckles to protect your children or the neighborhood children from drowning! Children have no problem opening these plastic buckles. No Key is Necessary. In fact, plastic locking buckles are forbidden on spas in Foster Homes and Daycare centers (check our Association Page for assistance programs).


You have NO CONTROL when relying on plastic locking buckles! People can use the spa as they please possibly contaminating the water and who knows what else, then covering their tracks by replacing the buckles. Steelcore receives calls all the time “We think someone is using our spa”, they’re usually right. With Steelcore you take control of who uses your spa and when.


Plastic locks are considered to be a nuisance by most spa owners because they are: Easily broken Deteriorate rapidly with outdoor exposure Constantly breaking with continual use Costly to replace especially if it’s the part that has to be re sewn to the cover

It’s faster, easier and less costly to replace the plastic buckles with Steelcore Spa Straps


Many Municipalities and Insurance Companies are starting to disallow plastic locking buckles to secure spa covers. Make sure you’re covered.

Steelcore Spa Security Safety straps are a must for vacation homes and rentals. For obvious reasons there are stricter regulations pertaining to rentals.

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