Owner's Stories

Steelcore Owner’s Stories

I have two boys. One day my 4-year-old and 2-year-old were out in the yard where our hot tub is. I was in the kitchen, cooking dinner. I always keep an eye on them through the window. When I looked out, they were both sitting in our hot tub. I was totally shocked. That tub had been locked; we always keep it locked. I still don’t know how they opened it. We found Steelcore Spa straps on the Internet. We ordered them right away and installed them immediately on arrival. Without Steelcore, we would have removed our spa. I know supervision is the best key to child safety, but my mind is at ease with the safety straps installed. Now I just have to safeguard the keys! Kelly, Housewife


We live in a popular lake resort, and summers get pretty busy here. I wanted something that offered more security for our spa to protect against unauthorized use and the strong winds that are prevalent in the area. What came with our spa wouldn’t meet that goal. I had just built our garage, installed the spa, and built the gazebo. My plan was to just anchor some eyelets in the spa foundation an make a locking system using cable and buckles with locks. But when I investigated what it would take to make it in both time and material, I had second thoughts and checked to see if there was another option. That is when I found out about Steelcore Spa Straps. They were perfect for my needs, and it only took 20 minutes to install. An added benefit was their ease of use. Since installing Steelcore, we haven’t had any problems with unauthorized spa use or storms with winds as strong as 85 mph. I am completely satisfied I made the very best choice. Jay, Engineer Bass Lake